Uniqlo Bugis+ Opening Preview

Here I were at the Bugis+ for Uniqlo Opening Preview!

Uniqlo has opened their largest store here located at Bugis Junction’s newest extension, Bugis+. The new Uniqlo opening was a success with a huge turnout that included some our local MediaCorp celebrities like Joanne Peh, Rui En, Rebecca Lim, Zhou Ying, Zhang Zhen Huan, Qi Yuwu Dai Yang Tian and me =D.

I’ve always heart how Uniqlo keeps thing simple, functional and yet all so comfortable without ever skipping out on the style factor. I mean how could you ever go wrong with fashion staples like a pair of well fitted skinny or regular cut jeans as well as polos shirts that comes in almost every shade, colour and size? In such a case less is definitely more and Uniqlo certainly fits the bill for any Singaporean out there looking to change the notion of a country famous for our flipflops, shorts and singlet getup. Well what are you waiting for? This is the place to begin!

Also remember to check out their facebook, http://www.facebook.com/uniqlo.sg

Haha, enough advertisements. Anyway here are some photos for the day:


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